Voice-based international remittance service launched by ICICI

ICICI Bank, the nation’s biggest private division bank by combined resources, has propelled voice-construct global settlement benefit in light of its Money2India application.

It will empower a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) client of ICICI Bank to send cash to any bank in India through only essential voice summon to Apple’s virtual voice right hand, Siri, on his/her Apple iPhone/iPad.

A first-of-its-kind cross outskirt settlement benefit by a bank in the nation, it enhances client’s comfort fundamentally as it replaces a five-stage process, which was required to start a settlement in India prior.

ICICI Bank is the primary bank in the nation to use on Apple’s virtual voice aide to empower cross fringe settlements.

Important notes for Government Exam:

Bank to launch Voice-based international remittance service: ICICI Bank
CEO of ICICI: Chanda Kochhar
ICICI Headquarters: Mumbai
ICICI Bank Founded: June 1994

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