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Types of ATM all over the India

If you think that there is only one type of ATM’s all around the India that you need to update your knowledge about it as there are different types of ATM across India updated till 26th April 2019. All of them are mentioned below:

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List of ATM’s all over India:

Type of ATMWhat they stand for
On Site ATM
ATM's Inside the Bank
Off site ATM
ATM outside the bank premises but is located
at other places, such as shopping centres,
airports, railways station and petrol stations.
White Label ATM
ATM Provided by NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company)
Green Label ATM
ATM Provided for Agricultural Transaction
Orange Label ATM
ATM Provided for Share Transactions
Yellow Label ATM
ATM provided for E-commerce
Pink Label ATM
ATM for women banking
Brown Label ATM
ATM are those Automated Teller Machines where
hardware and the lease of the ATM machine is
owned by a service provider but cash management
and connectivity to banking networks is provided by
a sponsor bank .

Important notes regarding ATM’s in India:

ATMs in the country: 2,22,318 till June

State having highest number of ATM’s: Maharashtra

India’s first talking ATM’s: Ahmedabad

Only country where you can NIFT form India: Nepal

Full Forms:

ATM: Automated teller machines

NBFC: Non Banking Financial Company

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