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Top 10 Largest Dams in India

top 20 dams in India

One of the major source of the water is dams in India, according the our information India have over 4000 dams till 2021. Dams are built to control the water flow and navigation of the rivers, this is how it has been possible to provide water across the country. Dams are one of the main reason for preventing floods for efficiently, during the access flow the water is reserved in the reservoirs, and is released when the flow is low.

Name of the dams, rivers they are built on, location, capacity are one of the most asked question in competitive exams like Bank PO, Bank SO, Bank Clerk, CAT, GMAT, IBPS, CLAT, SSC and many more. Top 10 largest dams in India will June 2019 are below and we will be updated this list as the new notes release so stay tuned with www.bankersindia.in.

1. Tehri Dam:

Location: Uttarakhand
River Built on: Bhagirathi River
Height: 855 ft (260.5 ft)
Length: 1,886 ft (575 m)
Water Capacity: 2,100,000 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 1000 megawatts
Opening Date: 2006

2. Idukki Dam:

Location: Kerala
River Built on: Periyar River
Height: 554 ft (168.91 m)
Length: 1,200 ft (365.85 m)
Water Capacity: 1,183,641 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 780 megawatts
Opening Date: February 1973

3. Bhakra Dam:

Location: Himachal Pradesh
River Built on: Satluj River
Height: 741 ft (226 m)
Length: 1,700 ft (520 m)
Water Capacity: 7,501,775 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 1325 megawatts
Opening Date: 1963

4. Sardar Sarovar Dam:

Location: Gujarat
River Built on: Narmada River
Height: 535 ft (163 m)
Length: 1,210 ft (368.80 m)
Water Capacity: 7,701,775 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 1450 megawatts
Opening Date: 17 September 2017

5. Srisailam Dam:

Location: Andhra Pradesh
River Built on: Krishna River
Height: 476 ft (145.10 m)
Length: 1,680 ft (512 m)
Water Capacity: 4,103,305 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 1670 megawatts
Opening Date: 1981

6. Ranjit Sagar Dam:

Location: Panjab
River Built on: Ravi River
Height: 525 ft (160 m)
Length: 2,024 ft (617 m)
Water Capacity: 2,659,139 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 600 megawatts
Opening Date: 2001

7. Bagihar Dam:

Location: Jammu and Kashmir
River Built on: Chenab River
Height: 472 ft (144 m)
Length: 1,040 ft (317 m)
Water Capacity: 321,002 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 900 megawatts
Opening Date: 2008

8. Chamera Dam:

Location: Himachal Pradesh
River Built on: Ravi River
Height: 741 ft (226 m)
Length: 968 ft (295 m)
Water Capacity: N/A
Hydroelectricity Generation: 540 megawatts
Opening Date: N/A

9. Cheruthoni Dam:

Location: Kerala
River Built on: Periyar River
Height: 453 ft (138.2 m)
Length: 2,135 ft (650.9 m)
Water Capacity: 1,618,184 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: N/A
Opening Date: 1973

10. Pong Dam:

Location: Himachal Pradesh
River Built on: Beas River
Height: 436 ft (133 m)
Length: 6,401 ft (1,951 m)
Water Capacity: 6,947,812 acre-foot
Hydroelectricity Generation: 396 megawatts
Opening Date: 1974

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